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From Charbrooken to the United States: Erdman expects dollars – football

Six months later, Central defender Dennis Erdman, 31, fled Third Division Surbrookan to the Second Division Colorado Springs switchback to the United States.

Today is the second part of the interview.

Built: Mr. Erdman, what are your plans for the United States?

Erdman: “I want to grow myself more, I want to know about the country. This has been my five year dream. For the past few years I have always been with friends and at home in the country I really felt. I also went to football and thought it was great. Now I am in the club, my Team players, I’m looking forward to the city. “

Built: What’s in the shirt? Earthman or Earthman?

Erdman (laughs): “I do not know yet. Both sound great. But I want to be Erdman in Jersey. “

BILD: When does it start?

Erdman: “It takes me a few days to get used to it. The eight-hour difference is huge. The league starts at the end of March.

Built: Are you fit?

Erdman: “I am in better shape now, have played a lot of sports, and went hiking on vacation. I lost four pounds and did not reach 31 years of age. I didn’t start playing football until I was 21 years old. So for a few more years I can play football.

BILD: Do you already have an apartment?

Erdman: “The club takes care of everything. That’s right.”

Built: What are you carrying?

Erdman: “I am not your regular homemaker. I will do everything I can to get home quickly. I want to come and play football. “

BILD: What in particular do you expect?

Erdman: “Of the dollars I earned in the first place. I like the dollar bill. I think it’s incredibly wonderful to pay with it. I’m looking forward to it. I can be live in the Super Bowl. I like that American feel.”