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Skistar will not travel to the World Cup in the USA and Canada

Skistar will not travel to the World Cup in the USA and Canada

Oslo, Norway) – Due to the high costs of Norwegian and other travel Cross country skiers Jan Thomas Jensen (27) will remain at home and will not participate in the next six World Cup races in Canada and the World Cup. United States of America Involved.

Jan Thomas Jensen (27) would be ranked in any other country, but in Norway, world class is not always enough. (Archive photo) © IMAGO / Beautiful Sports

It's hard to imagine: Norwegian cross-country skier Jan Thomas Jensen is in impressive shape. At the end of November, the 27-year-old achieved his first World Cup victory over a 20 km freestyle mass start in Ruka (Finland).

At the beginning of December he followed the relay in Gulliver, Sweden. But the Norwegian still has to stay at home.

There is only room in the Norwegian Ski Association's budget for six of its stars to finance the expensive trip to Canada and the United States, where the next six World Cup races will be held.

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“I think it's a real shame that I can't travel,” Jensen said, expressing his regret over the situation.

His first World Cup win: Jensen reached the finish line completely exhausted after 20 kilometers of freestyle. (Archive photo) © HEIKKI SAUKKOMAA / LEHTIKUVA / AFP

But Jensen has to come to terms with not being in the 'red group'. This is a list of Norwegians compiled of FIS results from the previous calendar year and includes the top 15 athletes in the sprint and distance events.

Despite two World Cup victories, the Scandinavian is nowhere to be found there. Internal competition in the Norwegian Federation is very strong.

Only those who are part of the “Red Group” will have their travel and accommodation costs covered by the Islamic Salvation Front. The Norwegian Federation, which has itself been affected by financial problems, will not undertake anything.

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Norwegian national team director Ulf Morten Unne confirmed to the daily newspaper Verdens Gang that the “red group rule” has always been a common practice on big trips, but he expressed his regret that the Norwegian federation, which has so many celebrations of successes, that it cannot be supported financially.

A big problem, among other things, is that athletes are not allowed to appear in front of their sponsors. This conflict recently led to star Alpine climber Lukas Bräthen (23 years old) abandoning his young and successful career.

“I don't want to comment on the sponsorship situation, but I understand that the runners are very close (In the red group, editor's note) “They will be disappointed,” Oni said, avoiding the sensitive topic.