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“The Voice” viewers are very much reckoning with Giovanni Zarrella

“The Voice” viewers are very much reckoning with Giovanni Zarrella

The Voice of Germany has a completely new team of coaches this year.Photo: Prosipen. SAT.1, Richard Hubner


Jennifer Ulrich

The new season of “The Voice of Germany” kicked off on September 21 with a brand new cast of coaches. It doesn’t even appear that veteran Mark Forster is still around. Instead, Shirin David, Ronan Keating, Giovanni Zarrella, Bill and Tom Kaulitz (in a double chair) now compete for talent.

After the first episode, the reactions on social media were mostly very sobering. The fans seem to be warming up to only one coach, but another coach completely fails. Changing the show schedule is also being discussed.

ProSieben viewers settle scores with Zarrella

Giovanni Zarrella kept drawing attention to himself and shying away from talent. At least several people on X (formerly Twitter) came up with that assessment on Thursday.

He also had clear statements ready to compete. At one point he said to Ronan Keating: “Ronan, I don’t think you needed a bit of translation to know your chances.”

For example, one viewer says: “Zarrella has an unpleasantly dominant manner. “In a way he acts like he’s hosting Giovanni Zarrella’s show.”

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“Can Giovanni only care about someone else once?” asks another user. “It really bothers me,” she says of the former Bro’Sis singer.

This user also finds Zarrella’s dominance on “The Voice” really unpleasant. Note here: “The way Giovanni is always pushing himself and pushing himself through everything is like Ronan’s performance in ‘When You Say Nothing at All’.” Ronan Keating also did a voice job in the show.

Praise for Ronan Keating

It’s the Irishman that comes off best with fans of the show. “On the jury, Ronan Keating is the only one qualified,” one person noted.

Elsewhere you can read in X: “Ronan Keating. The only person you can take seriously this season.” But everyone is deprived of competence.

A controversial innovation in “The Voice”

In the German version of “Voice of Germany” the ban button was used for the first time this season. This allows coaches to take each other out of the race.

However, when it comes to social media, many people have come to the conclusion that it comes first at the expense of talent. This limits their freedom to decide which team to join. In addition, the broadcaster focuses more on the coaches, which is another accusation.

On the other hand, others were pleased with the block function, which has been available in international versions of “Voice of Germany” for a long time. This intensifies the competitive situation between coaches.