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Where will Basel watch the Eurovision Song Contest 2024?

Where will Basel watch the Eurovision Song Contest 2024?

Eurovision Song Contest 2024

All for Nemo: Why the drag queen, politician, Vice President of Basel and President of Joggeli are excited about ESC

On Saturday we will see if Nemo will win the Eurovision Song Contest 2024 for Switzerland. Basel are also looking forward to Malmo and hope they can organize the next edition in 2025.

Will he be on top of the podium in the end? Nemo represents Switzerland in the Eurovision Song Contest 2024.

Photo: Jessica Gao

Will Nemo break the code? The Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) will take place this Saturday 11 May in Malmö, and Nemo will represent Switzerland with the song “The Code”. The song is about how Nemo – a non-binary person – frees himself from binary gender stereotypes.

With Nemo, Switzerland can hope to achieve victory for the first time in a long time: according to ESC experts, Nemo has everything it needs to deliver a winning performance. So many fans are looking forward to Sweden with anticipation. People in Basel are particularly excited because a win could also mean a huge event for the city.

The most important questions about ESC in Basel

Where can you watch the broadcast in Basel-Stadt?

Irrsinn Bar hosts a public display. Doors open at 7pm, and ESC starts at 9pm. Rock or metal music is usually played in “Madness”. For co-organiser Danilo Contarino, this is no reason to abandon the pop event: “Insanity's clientele is very diverse and open, and that's why it's well suited for an ESC broadcast,” he says. All 55 seats are fully booked, but there is still room.

Drag queen Dita Webb.

Drag queen Dita Webb.

Photo: Christoph Nadler

The event will be moderated by drag queen Dita Webb. ESC is very popular among the LGBTIQ community: “For many LGBTIQ people, costumes, dancing, singing and makeup are an important part of expressing their identity,” Webb explains. “I would be so happy for Nemo to win, as non-binary, trans and trans people in particular are currently facing incredible hostility and they could really use any representation,” she says.

There is also a public ESC broadcast in Baseland. This takes place at Marabu in Gelterkinden, and doors open at 7:30pm.

Will Switzerland win with Nemo?

Nemo's chances of winning are good, but not as good as before: for a long time, the artist from Bill held first place through betting offices. Currently Nemo has fallen to third place. First up is Baby Lasagna from Croatia, with Israeli Eden Golan pushing into second place.

Pepe Lasagna from Croatia takes first place in the bookmakers

Pepe Lasagna from Croatia takes first place in the bookmakers

Photo: Jessica Gao

Aden Golan is currently in second place.

Eden Golan is currently in second place.

Photo: Jessica Gao

Nemo's win will be a third for ESC's founding country Switzerland. The first winner was pop singer Asia in 1956. The second win was achieved by the then-unknown singer Celine Dion in 1988.

What does winning mean for Basel?

After the ESC is in front of the ESC: If Nemo wins the competition, Switzerland will have to organize the next edition. In addition to Geneva and Zurich, Basel – specifically the exhibition hall – is also a potential venue.

This should make Basel Grand Councilor Pascal Messerli (SVP) elated: “If Switzerland wins Eurovision 2024, I will submit a written request to the Supreme Council the next day with the hope that the event will be held in Basel in 2025,” Messerli wrote. On X.

Thomas Kastl, director of St Jacobs Hall, is also excited about the prospect: “I really hope that Nemo wins and we get the contract for next year. Then we can show the whole world what a benefit St Jacobs Hall is,” he told BaZ.

The organizer will be SRG. Christoph Bosshardt, Head of External Relations and Website Marketing, told the Bund newspaper that she had already been in contact with the Basel-Stadt presidential administration to verify the event in the St. Jacobs Hall. There is still no dialogue with Messe Basel, “but of course we can and want to organize an ESC,” says company spokesman Daniel Kuhn.