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Simple text-to-image "Diffusion Bee" app ›

Simple text-to-image “Diffusion Bee” app ›

If the trend is currently to Crooked Heads on the Web Then the relatively recent text-to-image generators, which can generate images on command based on artificial intelligence models and machine learning algorithms.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve certainly encountered some examples on the Internet. This, among other things, has to do with the rapid increase in popularity.DALL-E” And the “stable spreadThe latter is an open source text-to-image conversion model that can be used largely freely and invites all interested users to try it out.

Greatly simplifies installation

The biggest hitch so far has been installing “Stable Diffusion” on your system. Here, software dependencies had to be met, some esoteric libraries were installed, and, in rare cases, extensive device transformations were made.

bee propagation model

curtain spread of bees. The Mac download, which is only 561MB in size, helps you install Stable Diffusion on existing Macs with Apple processors and makes it as easy as installing new Mac apps. You open the download, drag to the Programs folder and launch it with a double click. Been completed.

After Diffusion Bee downloads the required forms from the web shortly after the initial launch, you can now feed the app any of the text-to-image specifications (in English) and experience the results of the images the app broadcasts. Who needs inspiration for possible input look here.

spread of bees

Text entry result: “Portrait of an astronaut riding a horse”

Awesome time waster

Depending on the text input, current parameter configuration, and other requirements on your computer, the images take between 30 seconds and several minutes to be generated and can be saved as PNG if you like.

“Bee spread” is written Ready to download hereIt does not require any technical background knowledge and requires a Mac with an M1 or M2 processor. In addition, at least 16 GB of RAM should be available.