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Simon Ehmer at the World Indoor Championships – Gold as a goal, record(s) as an appearance – Sports

Simon Ehmer at the World Indoor Championships – Gold as a goal, record(s) as an appearance – Sports


Simon Ehammer wants to start the season brightly at the World Indoor Championships in Glasgow. He is aiming for victory in Scotland.

Simon Ehmer showed his qualities admirably at the Swiss Indoor Championships. In St. Gallen he won gold in the long jump, silver in the hurdles and bronze in the pole vault. Ehamer consolidated his victory in the long jump with an 8-meter flight. In the 60m hurdles final he challenged European champion Jason Joseph strongly with a personal best time of 7.55 seconds. The distance of 5.20 meters in the pole vault is the value that every athlete wants to achieve.

“I want a medal in Glasgow, preferably gold,” Ehamer says before competing in the heptathlon at the World Indoor Championships. In principle, this is how the minimum goal is formulated. Because if he manages the seven majors correctly on Saturday and Sunday, Ken Mullings (BAH), Sander Skotheim (NOR) or Makinson Gleti (FRA) will have to outdo themselves to intercept the Swiss.


Does he have reason to laugh in Glasgow too?

Simon Ehammer.


Thoughts about the shoulder are forgotten

Last fall, Ehmer had to undergo shoulder surgery. This procedure became necessary because conservative treatment of the inflamed tendon did not achieve the desired result. Training never stopped completely, but Ehmer wasn't able to get consistent until after Christmas.

“Now Simon doesn't have to be respectful anymore. The air has cleared and he can train without any symptoms,” said his coach Karl Weiler. The athlete himself also confirms: “I no longer waste any thought on the shoulder.”

In Glasgow, Ehmer competes as an all-around athlete. Unless someone completely misses the discipline or even gets rid of it, the Swiss record is likely to fall. Because Appenzeller's level is higher than it was two years ago, when he won World Cup silver in Belgrade with 6,363 points. There's probably a value of about 6,500 pips. Then Frenchman Kevin Mayer will miss the European record (6,479) from 2017. “But things have to fit together,” says Ehammer.

I'm now facing half a year that I've been working towards since 2020, when I hit my milestone.

For Ehamer, the World Indoor Championships is the start of a year full of highlights. As in 2022, the 24-year-old could win medals in three major events. The European Championships in Rome are on the agenda in the summer. Ehamer is definitely a medal contender in the long jump.

In theory, there are two possible medals at the Olympics, with the specialist long jump scheduled after the decathlon. “I am now facing half a year that I have been working towards since 2020, when I hit a major milestone. “At the age of 24, I can not only fulfill my dream of participating in the Olympic Games, but I can also start with high ambitions,” says Ehmer.