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Der Bahnhof in Zug mit dem Campus von Siemens noch vor dem Umbau. Hier sitzt nun die Zentrale des Be

Siemens strives for digital | overseas companies

Siemens steps on gas in the digital world. The Munich technology group wants to change faster with a digital platform, alliances and acquisitions of a software suite. “We decided in the board of directors: Siemens should become more than a technology company with the goal of connecting the real and the digital world,” Siemens board member Matthias Rebelius said in an interview with “Finanz und Wirtschaft”. The Zug website of the German company plays a special role in this.

Construction began on the Siemens campus in Zug in May 2016. This is where the company’s smart infrastructure division is headquartered, along with Digital Industries, Mobility and Siemens Healthineers, one of the reporting segments in the group. He has been running Rebellius Smart Infrastructure as a member of the Zug Board of Directors since fall 2020.

Collaboration with Nvidia

Last week, CEO Roland Busch presented his digital strategy for Siemens. The company wants to create a digital platform called Xcelerator, through which Siemens hardware and software modules will be sold. To this end, the Germans are collaborating with chip manufacturer Nvidia, among others. Together they want to move to the metaverse, to the future, accessible from the Internet. There, customers must be able to work with digital twins, that is, virtual replicas of systems and buildings.