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Shots in front of the field! MLP shock! Abandoned Baseball Game in America – American Game

Shocking moment in America!

The Major League Baseball (MLP) between Washington Nationals and San Diego Patres was dropped following a gunshot outside the stadium!

Images and videos circulating through the network show the audience in front of the stage hearing a noise and running in panic. On the field, fans left the stands and sometimes sought shelter in players ’bunkers.

Game referee Mark Carlson told the Associated Press: “This is a confusing situation. We heard gunshots, but did not know where they came from. “

The fans hid in the player pitPhoto: Nick Vaz / A.P.

“The Guardian” announced a fire exchange between the two cars in front of the stadium. The cause of the shots is not yet clear. According to the report, two people in one of the cars later arrived at the local hospital with gunshot wounds. Deputy Chief of Police Ashan Benedict said the extent of the injuries was not directly known.

A woman who participated in the game is also said to be one of the victims. Your injuries are not life-threatening, Benedict explains.

The game should end on Sunday with increased police presence.