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Fires in the United States and Canada are bringing firefighters to the limit of their strength

Fierce wildfires in western America and Canada are pushing firefighters to the border.

Brief essentials

  • The U.S. guarantees homeland security to illegal immigrants in vulnerable areas.

Although they had to fight several fires, California authorities promised to send reinforcements to about 2,100 firefighters on Saturday, currently fighting with what is known as Bootleg in the southern state of Oregon.Fire Are in use. In the northwestern Canadian province of Ontario, firefighters expect reinforcements from Mexico.

BootlegFire Is currently the largest brand in the United States. On Saturday, at least part of New York City caught fire. Officials said only seven percent of them were, according to the website Inc.Web. It has changed due to heat, drought and wind Fire Significantly expanded, it said on the website. So at least 20 houses were destroyed.

Authorities have warned that several “clouds of fire” currently several kilometers in the air could lead to lightning strikes and “fire hurricanes”. “We had a record heat and the worst conditions at the same time,” said The Oregonian newspaper, a spokeswoman for the American Forest Service Suzanne Flori.

Meanwhile, in California, meteorological officials warned of several dry thunderstorms and dangerous lightning strikes. With many areas evacuated, the Department of Homeland Security has assured all illegal immigrants in the area not to be afraid to seek assistance. Areas within Disasters– and emergency assistance is provided, there will be no restrictions.

In Canada, authorities expect extreme temperatures from Alberta to Ontario in the coming days. There were warnings of low air quality in four western provinces. According to scientists, the current will be without heat waves Climate change Unthinkable.

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