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SFL Mode Change - Premier League Increased - Playoff Mode - Sport . is coming

SFL Mode Change – Premier League Increased – Playoff Mode – Sport . is coming

  • At the General Assembly of the Swiss Football League, it was decided to change the status of the Premier League.
  • As of the 2023/24 season, 12 teams instead of 10 will play in the Swiss Premier League.
  • Clubs also voted to present the controversial playoffs.

As of the 2023/24 season, the Swiss Professional Football League will consist of 12 clubs instead of the current ten. The clubs decided, Friday, at the General Assembly of the Swiss Football League in Etigen. A two-thirds majority of the vote was required to vote.


More teams coming soon

In the future, 12 teams will play in the Premier League.

Keystone / Philip Schmidley

Qualifiers are real

Clubs also voted to enter the playoffs, and a simple majority was required. The championship title, European Cup starting places and qualifying relegation will be decided at the end.

In this playoff, the best team plays against the second best team in a best of 3 series for the championship title. The other 4 teams from the tournament group and the best 4 clubs from the qualifying group compete in 3 rounds in the European Cup knockout system. In the quarter-finals and semi-finals with home and away matches, in the final in one match. Table 11. Compete in the barrage with the second in the Challenge League. The last one goes straight down.

32 rounds before the qualifiers

Before this stage, the 12 teams play each other twice. This makes 22 rounds. Next, the league will be divided into two groups: the Championship group with the top six positions and the Qualification group with teams ranked 7 to 12. In these groups, the teams will play each other two more times. Before the playoffs, all clubs had 32 matches.

The Challenge League maintains the status

The 2022/23 season will continue according to the previous mode introduced in 2003 with 10 teams and 36 rounds. In this transitional season there will be no direct relegation to the Challenge League. The last-placed club in the Premier League denies the existence of a barrage against the third-placed team in the Challenge League.

In the first step, the championship of the second highest league will continue with ten clubs and in its current form. The two best teams advance directly.