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Second place in the German charts: Helen Fischer tops "Breathless"!

Second place in the German charts: Helen Fischer tops “Breathless”!

Number two in the German charts
Helen Fisher tops “Breathless”!

Helen Fisher celebrates her big comeback after a long break. For the first single, she had “Despacito” star Luis Fonsi alongside her. And success proves her right. Vamos a Marte kicks her classic “Breaking All Night” from the throne.

Helen Fischer entered the German charts at number two with her new song “Vamos a Marte” (translation: “Let’s fly to Mars”). It’s her highest solo position ever, and even tops the hit “Atemlos durch die Nacht”, which reached number three at the beginning of 2014. She’s supported in the new song by Latin star Luis Fonsi, whose summer single “Despacito” topped the charts in Germany for 17 a week.

Its premiere was shown on seven TV channels – this has never happened before! Helen Fisher fans were also able to watch their latest music video on YouTube and confirmed a lot of hearts and smileys in the comments: They’re excited about their new summer single.

After a break, the pop star presents himself refreshed and relaxed with a new look and promises to release an entire album soon. After she first deleted all the photos on her Instagram channel and sparked the anticipation of her fans with new photos, she announced on her Instagram Stories that the upcoming album would be “the most personal ever.”

Luis Fonsi knew the singer of Echo 2018 when they sang “Échame La Culpa” there. In December 2018, they also sang “Despacito” in a duet on the Helene Fischer Show on ZDF. Fonsi is interested in collaborating with the German pop star: “It is a great honor for me to be able to record the song Vamos a Marte with the unique Helene Fischer.” It is very interesting to sing a song in both German and Spanish. However, Fisher stated that she was not aiming for an international job.