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Berliner Platz in Oer-Erkenschwick is now complete again

Berliner Platz in Oer-Erkenschwick is now complete again

Since the redesign of Berliner Platz in 1989, the Berlin Memorial has been erected in the “Friendship Meadow” in the allotment park. Now back to the city center

Since Friday morning at 6.20 am, the Berliner Platz in Ur-Erkenshoek has been completed again. It took less than 20 minutes, and then the building’s square staff Klaus Klimitsky and Sasha Nienert put the Berlin monument with his excavator in the middle of the city’s roundabout. This means that the Berlin bear is back in town after 32 years. “The fact that the implementation was so successful on the exact 60th anniversary of the construction of the Berlin Wall makes the campaign all the more valuable,” said Mayor Carsten Weurs, happy in the early morning.

Three Oer-Erkenschwick Entrepreneurs Have ‘The Idea of ​​Moving’

The idea for the campaign didn’t come from the city, but from landscaping entrepreneur Andre Oberlin, 52, horticultural owner Bjorn Tensmann, 41, and demolition entrepreneur Tobias Tierhardt. “We thought about how to upgrade the squares in the city. In addition to potential signs, we also had the idea of ​​realizing a Berlin bear,” says Andre Oberlin while the bear is still perched above the planting area of ​​the city roundabout. Until a few months ago, there was still a large chestnut in the center, but it was no longer stable and had to be cut. By the way, the plantings on the top have been taken care of by the Tinsman Arboretum for many years.

Dedicated gardeners from Oer-Erkenschwick split with a heavy heart

Until the redesign of Berliner Platz in 1989, the Berlin Monument stood roughly on the city’s current fountain area. It was dismantled at that time and after a short break in the building depot, at the instigation of the emeritus chief gardener Werner Boulder, stood on the “friendship meadow” in the facility on Ahsner Street, along with the symbols of all the Twin Cities of Oer-Erkenschwick. With a heavy heart, dedicated gardeners have now broken with the Berlin icon.

Entrepreneurs want to support the city of Oer-Erkenschwick

“We think it’s great to have everyone go with us, everything went so well,” says master gardener Bjorn Tensmann. Together with Andre Oberlin and Tobias Terhard, he founded the “Green PrOEject” group. “On the whim of beer,” Andre Oberlin says. But we want to support the city. Therefore, in consultation with the yard of the building, we recently cleaned up Klein-Erkenschwicker-Strasse,” according to Oberlin, and announced that another measure is already under consideration for next year. “What, however, will not be revealed yet,” says Obel. , as his friends call him Oberlin.

The painting takes the main Bogor painter from Oer-Erkenschwick painting

The three businessmen had already announced the Berlin Bear’s move with the mayor in May. In the meantime, the monument has been given a fresh coat of paint by master painter Marcel Beaugor of Oer-Erkenschwick. Before the implementation could take place on Friday morning, the specialist municipal service director Michael Grzyskowiak had to dig thick slabs in Landesbetrieb Straßen.NRW: “The regional authority is involved because Schillerstrasse and Ludwigstrasse are still rural road works. Someone in the state company fears that the view of the country will be affected. Motorists are greatly affected because of the Berlin Memorial. But we were able to convince the decision makers in the authority that this was not the case, so that the green light was finally given.”

With materials donated by Tobias Tierhard, master gardener Björn Tiensmann had already piled up and rocked the current site of a Berlin bear in the middle of the Orr-Erkenshoek Roundabout. “It’s safe now,” says construction depot manager Gerold Schmelter.

A gift from Willie Brant

  • According to information from the city administration, the Berlin Monument is a gift from the then Governor of Berlin, Willie Brandt. On July 1, 1964, Berliner Platz was officially inaugurated with the unveiling of the festive symbol of Berlin. On this occasion, the then Mayor of Ur-Erkenshoek received Heinz Netta, the senator for youth and sports in Berlin, Kurt Neugebauer, who represented Willy Brandt as the “Governing Lord of Berlin”.
  • Brandt had already gone to Oer-Erkenschwick three years earlier. When construction of Berliner Platz began as a city center, Brandt accepted an invitation from Neta’s predecessor Willy Winter.
  • In 1972 Willy Brandt returned to Ur-Erkenshoek, this time as Federal Chancellor and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. He was invited back by Heinz Netta. Brandt came to town hall with his wife. The visit was organized by the SPD Operations Group. Mayor Heinz Netta had previously asked Boone what the chancellor’s favorite food was. So it so happened that Willie Brant was serving smoked salmon at Oer-Erkenschwick Town Hall.
  • The Municipal High School has been named after Willie Brandt since the mid-1990s.