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Second place for Konrad Motorsport in the German Cup

Second place for Konrad Motorsport in the German Cup

Konrad Motorsport climbed to the podium in the German Cup last weekend. The racing team from Verl took second place in the first race on Saturday at the Nürburgring with regular drivers Axel Jeffries (Zimbabwe) and Maximilian Hacklander (Germany). On Sunday, team principal Franz Konrad saw another good performance for the driver with a fourth place finish.

The second weekend race of the Prototype Series was held as part of the ADAC Truck Grand Prix on the 3,618-kilometre sprint version of the Eifel traditional circuit. Jefferies kept his composure in the first stage of race one on Saturday afternoon: the 28-year-old started the 55-minute race from fifth place at the Konrad LMP3 and fought for the podiums. After changing the driver, Hackländer continued racing to catch up. With a worthwhile overtaking maneuver, the 32-year-old brought the car across the finish line in second and thus brought champagne and trophies to Konrad Motorsport.

In Sunday’s race, Hackländer maintained the leading group from the start thanks to his third place at the start. About halfway through the race, the ADAC GT Masters driver handed the wheel to Jefferies for third. However, given the drivers’ rating, Konrad Motorsport had longer mandatory stopping time and left the track in fifth place. Jeffries was unmoved and the cars in front of him caught fire. With fourth place, pilot Conrad just missed out on the overall second place on the podium.

“My team did a great job preparing the car. The speed was also decent all weekend, although we always lost some ground on the straights. The drivers pulled that in and did a great job. Of course, I am very happy that Maximilian landed on the podium in the first race. In the second race it was certainly possible to get on the podium, but I am more than satisfied with the performance and appearance at the Nürburgring,” said team principal Franz Konrad.

In the championship, Jeffries finished third after four playoffs. Next weekend’s German Cup model race will be held from August 19-21 as part of the ADAC GT Masters in Lausitzring.

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