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The 50 best restaurants in the world: Heinz Reitbauer's Steirereck in Vienna takes 13th place

The 50 best restaurants in the world: Heinz Reitbauer’s Steirereck in Vienna takes 13th place

Yesterday in London was held the awards ceremony “The 50 Best Restaurants in the World”, which was promoted at the Oscars. A ranking list of supposedly the best restaurants on the planet, sponsored by mineral water, is presented. And good omens for us Austrians: Vienna’s Heinz Reitbauer’s “Steirereck” has slipped to one place, but it’s still the 13th best listed restaurant in the German-speaking world.

Danish chef Rasmus Kofod took first place this year with his film Geranium. Behind: the “Central” restaurant designed by Virgilio Martinez in Lima and in third place the “Disfrutar” restaurant by Eduard Zatroch from Barcelona. The full ranking can be found here.

Kitchen professionals agree that the menu makes sense because it energizes an international audience. However, critics point to the fact that neither the award nor the brief explanations appear on the website explaining why, why and how the restaurants in question get their respective places. It is also not clear why some restaurants receive awards while others simply disappear from the menu.

“Geranium” is run by Danish chef Rasmus Kofod and is now listed as the best restaurant in the world
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Influential food blogger Julien Walther has been a jury member for three years and said goodbye last year with a look behind the scenes: “I think the voting procedure is questionable.” Anyone who wants can form their own opinion. Read his thoughts here.

Without a doubt, Steirereck is one of the best addresses in the country for a very good meal. Without a doubt, the 50 best restaurants in the world are top notch. Complaining about it is annoying at the highest level. It doesn’t matter in what order. And the

In fact, this list is only the tip of the iceberg. The majority of restaurants and bars will never affect or harm this pussy. However, every day there are testers and food experts who give their opinions on the regions of this world, and they do so with their smartphones. At the same time, it is not always understandable.