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Sechler started two months ago and hasn’t been seen since

Peter B. Actually wanted to travel from Australia to New Zealand and started in Tasmania. However, since December 1, he disappeared without a trace.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • The 80-year-old sailor embarked in Tasmania to sail to New Zealand.
  • However, since December 1, Peter B.
  • Unfortunately, the search has failed so far.

From Australia New Zealand by Sailboat. This was Peter B’s original destination, but the 80-year-old sailor has been missing since December 1, “Zuri Today” reported.

Starting in Tasmania

He set off from Hobart, Tasmania’s capital, on his 13m yacht Lady. His last stay It was about 140 kilometers off Tasmania’s east coast, according to ABC News. Since December 5, the ship’s radio system has been silent.

The Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) then launched a massive search. But, so far no success. John Delpero, from Tasmania Police, is also concerned: “Given the circumstances, we have serious concerns for Mr B’s well-being.”

He disappeared four years ago. But then In a few days he drowned In good condition according to the Australian press.