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Schoolgirls are expelled from graduation for having acrylic nails

Because of the acrylic screws

Excluding 70 students from graduation

70 schoolgirls have been banned from their graduation ceremony in Sydney. The girls had to wait in a separate room and were not allowed to receive their diplomas on stage. Absurd reason: acrylic nails.


Dozens of students at a secondary school in Australia were not allowed to celebrate with anyone else at their graduation ceremony (icon).

Graduation is usually the most exciting day for students. Some of the tenth grade girls at Mackellar Girls Campus, a secondary school in Sydney, Australia, dressed up specifically for the special day and had long acrylic fake nails in a subtle colour. But going to the nail salon was then fatal for girls, writes the Australian portal

Apparently, the school administration did not enjoy the girls’ manicures and initially placed them in a separate room from the main hall. According to the parents, there should have been a total of 70 girls. There the schoolgirls were first instructed about the rules of dress and appearance. Glued nails is clearly not one of them.