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A climate activist makes a fool of himself with a concrete hand

“Teerminator” after sticking into action in Germany

A climate activist harvests irony with a tangible hand

Climate activists in Germany are back on the streets again. Among them was a man who had apparently smeared his hand with super glue. His concrete hand caused ridicule on the Internet.


With this photo, a climate activist is causing a lot of ridicule on the Internet.


John HeiligEditor’s news

Usually, climate activists are quickly taken off the streets — even if they stick to the asphalt. This was also the case on Friday morning in the German city of Mainz. Activists from the “Last Generation” group cut an important road.

It appears that one of the demonstrators (38 years old) pressed hard on the tape. The police could not free his right hand. The special glue, a mixture of sand and super glue, is firmly fixed. So the city’s construction workers had to relocate – with heavy equipment. Part of the way was cut off with a hammer like SWR mentioned. According to the city of Mainz, the street was repaired immediately after the activist’s hand was cut off.