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Samsung stops distributing Android 12 update

Google Play Services problems are the cause 1 minute. read

News / Ariane Krasniki
Photo: Samsung

A few weeks ago, Samsung released the final version of its Android 12 update for Galaxy S21 family devices and more recently for existing foldable devices. However, the manufacturer has now stopped distributing the update due to compatibility issues.

As Samsung announced in a blog post, the distribution of the Android 12 update will be for some devices Stop for the time being. This is supposed to be caused by a file Compatibility issue with Google Play Services which is not specified further. However, the manufacturer confirms that this is on the Google site. Update data was removed from FOTA’s own servers a few days ago, leading to speculation.

Photo: Sammobile

Accordingly, the software update distribution will not start again until the problem is completely resolved. UK beta versions of Galaxy S20 series, although no new releases have appeared there for a few weeks. So far, Android 12 and OneUI 4 have been used for Galaxy S21 (Test) moreover Z fold 3 (Test) And Z Flip 3 (Test) chest.

As per the current situation, the update should appear for a large number of other devices in the next few months, but it is questionable to what extent the schedule will be affected by this issue. with Android 12 And OneUI 4 Samsung has adapted its user interface to the new interface The materials you design from Google. In addition to the individual design of the application icons, some new security features have also been integrated into the system.


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