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Samsung Galaxy SmartTag + in the big test

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag + in the big test

This year, the digital world revolves around smart trackers. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ also helps find bags, keys, and more.

The basics in brief

  • Samsung introduced two different smart trackers this year.
  • Galaxy SmartTag+ is your current assistant for finding lost things.
  • With a robust network and accurate tracking, SmartTag+ is a practical device.

Together with Galaxy S21 Samsung launched last February SmartTag procedure for the first time. The new SmartTag+ was followed about a month ago with additional features. started searching with the smart tracker.

Samsung helps find the needle in the haystack

The device itself is about 3 by 3 centimeters and no thicker than a conventional device smart phone. The SmartTag+ can be easily attached to a keyring or small chain using the small hole on the top. In this way, the tracker does not interfere with daily use and fully fulfills its purpose.

Once activated, the tracker should be set up in the Samsung SmartThings app. This can finally be searched and configured here. In addition to the tracking function, SmartTag + has a button, for example, that is also connected smart phone The bell can ring.

If you search, you will find – guaranteed with SmartTag +

For example, if the keychain with the tracker can no longer be found, it will be displayed in the application. The last known location is marked on the map. This is constantly updated as long as there is a connection with SmartTag+. The range here corresponds to a standard Bluetooth connection.

As long as the day is near, the distance between them smart phone Trackers can be identified. To do this, the application shows how strong the signal is at the moment. Last but not least, the SmartTag+ also has a speaker and can ring really loud. in the exam lets today It is very easy to find them everywhere to hide in the office.

Samsung’s strong network in Switzerland

If SmartTag+ is out of range, the app only tells you where it was last. Thanks to Samsung’s SmartThings network, the location can also be determined anonymously by third-party devices. This is it, if any smart phone From Samsung near the mark, the owner will be notified in the application.

Practically, according to “StatCounter”, one in three comes from Switzerland and from all over the world smart phone from Samsung. she did her best on a wide network On devices can be used. This makes it possible to locate the day, no matter where you are.

+ Galaxy SmartTag is only partially better

This tracker deserves the “addition” in its name thanks to its built-in broadband (UWB) technology. While searching, the direction and location in the real environment can also be displayed using augmented reality. But this assumes that the caller smart phone It also has UWB.

At Samsung, this technology is only available in devices of the S21 family. However, in our testing, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra was used, which does not support UWB. This is not how this feature would be categorized.

So if you don’t have the latest Samsung cell phone, you can confidently buy the cheaper regular SmartTag. This currently costs around 27 Franken, while the Plus version costs just under 43 Franken Go over the counter.

Overall, Samsung Galaxy SmartTag+ is a useful tool for all those who like to put keys or cell phones out of place. Thanks to Samsung’s device network and accurate location, lost items can be found just about anywhere.

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