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Runes of Power Update offers a unique class with special mechanics

Runes of Power Update offers a unique class with special mechanics

on gamescom I took the opportunity to play a game that hasn’t necessarily been in the spotlight yet: The last era. While you love games Diablo 4 And Path of exile Take control of the ARPG world, the title of flies Eleven o’clock games Despite his great successes, he has remained largely under the radar.

For fans of this type of game, Last Epoch is definitely not a blank slate. With the ending already 800000 Copies sold in Early access The game has gained an impressive fan base. At Gamescom, I was able to try out the new chapter that will be introduced with the upcoming patch. the Runemaster It’s distinctly different from all the classes you’ve played in other ARPGs so far.

Last Epoch: The Runemaster brings over 40 abilities with the push of a button

In an ARPG, the available classes are of great importance. While eg Dark dawn Based on a complex system of two character classes, Diablo 4 has created its own kind of improvement through its class mechanics, and offers Last Epoch Five basic categories And currently Twelve main chapters. since then September 9, 2023 Another master class will be added with Runemaster, and there will be a total of 15 by the time the full version is released.

The Runemaster has the ability “Rune Summoning”, which he uses to passively collect runes when he uses the ability. These runes can then be used to cast a variety of different spells, depending on the active runes and their arrangement. This system offers Over 40 different spells At the touch of a button and it ensures a truly entertaining gaming experience. The biggest challenge is remembering the different combinations of runes to achieve the desired effects.

You can see two electric runes and two fire runes above the character. This combination creates unique Runemaster spells

This is another exciting game element that will be introduced with the Runes of Power update Ron’s imprisonment. This side quest can appear randomly in both the main campaign and the endgame. The goal is to free the captive magician who turns out to be a deadly enemy. After defeating the Corrupted Summoner, you will have the opportunity to create a new Summoner Experimental suffixes for your equipment. These suffixes are unique to Rune Prison and cannot be found anywhere else in the game.

In addition to the main innovations already mentioned, the Last Epoch will also be included in the next update other language Be available. more Items, quests, monsters and bosses Of course, as with almost every patch, they will find their way into the game. This year’s Gamescom was an important milestone for the Eleventh Hour Games team and I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot more from them in the future. More reports from the trade show can be found on our website Gamescom 2023 Overview.