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RTL: Stefan Raab is getting two new shows

RTL: Stefan Raab is getting two new shows

“embarrassment or criticism”

RTL has acquired two Raab shows from ProSieben – and Elton as moderator

The two entertainment programs “Blamieren oder Kassieren” and “Beat the Best”, originally penned by Stefan Raab, are coming to RTL. And with them, Lieutenant Colonel Elton.


Soon Stefan Raab and Principal Elton will be presenting two new shows on RTL.

Imago stocks and people

  • Stefan Raab has landed two shows on RTL previously working on ProSieben.

  • The film is about the quiz show “Blamieren oder Kassieren” and “Beat the best”.

  • Lieutenant Colonel Elton (52) will lead the performances.

RTL brings itself Two more shows from Stephen Raab (56) is on the show. As the announcer announcesthe quiz show “Blamieren oder Kassieren” will start this fall, while “Beat the best” will follow in 2024. Also present is Raab’s former “show trainee”, show moderator Elton (52), who will lead both shows.

This is not the first of the former ProSieben programs that RTL is now welcoming to Cologne. Today’s “RTL high diving” was a special program from “TV total” on ProSieben. This format will also continue on RTL next year.

Not only Stefan raps – there are also the heavy beats

“As a huge fan of Stefan Raab and his creative work, I am very pleased that we will soon have two more strong performances from his line-up on the show with Blamieren oder Kassieren” and “Beat the Best,” says Inga Leschek, RTL Program Director and RTL+. “Plus, it makes us very proud and happy that Elton won both formulas, which will boost our RTL coordinator team for the first time.”

In “Blamieren oder Kassieren” two celebrities compete against a candidate in different audition rounds. There is also a “Re-Listen” with the backing band Heavytones, known for their rap performances. In “Beat the Best”, which will be shown in the first half of 2024, celebrities alternate in four episodes in various majors.

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