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Otto Walks and two other rappers became sensations with “Friesenjung”.

Otto Walks and two other rappers became sensations with “Friesenjung”.

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Although Otto Waalkes’ song “Friesenjung” is already thirty years old, it is now occupying the charts. He has two rappers to thank for that.

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Landed 1993 Otto Walks Already had a hit with the song “Friesenjung” – the cover is now going viral on social media. Berlin rapper Ski Ago and fellow Dutchman Joost Klein recorded a techno version. The three of them climbed to the top of the German singles charts within one day.

epa05022572 German comedian Otto Falks was awarded the Bambi Award in the Comedy & # 039;  During the 67th Bambi Awards in Berlin, Germany, November 12, 2015. About 800 guests from ...

In 2015, Otto Waalkes won a Bambi Award in the Comedy category. Image: EPA/DPA

Thirty years ago, Otto Walks took Sting’s song “Englishman in New York” as a model and made a reference to his homeland Ostfriesland Paraphrased. She says: “I am just a little Frisian boy. I live behind a dam.” Thanks to the techno version, the song is now gaining new popularity.

First, the two young musicians posted individual snippets of the songs on social media. Since Otto Waalkes, as the rights holder, had not yet given permission at the time, they publicly asked their community for permission to release the full song.

The “Bitte Otto please” call often reached the comedian and actor via comment columns on social media. Otto Walks, Mn Hamburg lives, specifically reported on the platform Tik Tok “Holdrio Ski Aggu & Joost, you have my permission,” he wrote on his new channel.

Before the social media campaign, rappers Otto and Alex might have been weird. “I didn’t know anything about them at first. Then I gave them permission – and then they got me in. Now I’m rapping with them. I didn’t know them before,” the 74-year-old told Bild.

The music video was filmed shortly thereafter Berlin instead of. Joost Klein and Ski Aggu, along with Otto Waalkes, rap and dance on the streets of the capital. It has been on Youtube since Saturday and since then it has accumulated over half a million views.

on too Spotify The techno version quickly became a hit. On Monday, the streaming platform tweeted: The song “Friesenjung” “debuted at number 149 on Spotify’s daily global charts, with 1,353,780 songs.” It is the 84th song to reach over a million hits in the German charts in one day. The hit now has over nine million streams.

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