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Robert De Niro talks about Trump to Jimmy Kimmel

Robert De Niro talks about Trump to Jimmy Kimmel

Video: Watson/Michael Shepherd

On yesterday's episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” actor Robert De Niro was refreshingly candid about the confirmed Republican presidential nominee. He quickly called Donald Trump a “fucking idiot.”
This may not really be the most constructive contribution to the discussion about the upcoming elections. But De Niro quickly followed up by saying that Trump was not just an idiot, but a dangerous idiot, and therefore everyone should use their voice.

He also said that he would never play Trump as an actor because he did not see any positive qualities in him.

Video: Watson/Michael Shepherd

the background

Robert De Niro has often criticized Trump in the past and has never been shy about using unpleasant expressions.

The dispute between the two renewed again last November. “Killers of the Flower Moon,” starring De Niro, was honored at the Gotham Awards.
De Niro then gave his acceptance speech, but soon realized that he could not find the entire script on his teleprompter. It appears that the organizers deleted the political positions shortly beforehand.

But De Niro took out his cell phone and read the entire letter. In the deleted section, criticism of Donald Trump was particularly loud. He said, among other things:

“The former president lied to us more than 30,000 times during his four years in office as he continues his current retaliation campaign.”

Trump's response to the letter did not take long to arrive. On his Truth Social platform, he called De Niro a complete failure.

Image: Social Truth

Trump alludes to De Niro's damaged reputation in his post. He himself came under fire when a former employee of his brought a civil suit against him.

Robert De Niro recently appeared again at several late-night shows to promote his new film, “Ezra.”
Trump became the topic again on “Real Time with Bill Maher” four days ago:

“If you vote for Trump, you will have a nightmare. If you vote for Biden, we will be back to normal soon.”

Robert De Niro on Real Time with Bill Maher

On yesterday's edition of “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” De Niro didn't finally get his words right, but you know that part already.


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