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A photo of Princess Kate is making waves on social media – Culture

A photo of Princess Kate is making waves on social media – Culture


Princess Kate wears Bernie Sanders gloves or arm in arm with Taylor Swift: a failed Photoshop attempt fuels the creativity of the Internet community. Crazy choice.

Princess Kate's Mother's Day snapshot backfired and caused a huge stir on social media. Countless montages of the royal family appear on X, Instagram and Co. They mock the original photo in which Kate unprofessionally retouched her daughter's arm.

The family appears in the strangest situations under the hashtags #kategate, #katemiddleton, or #katespiracy.

Classic invigorating meme

The meme template is an image of US Senator and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The original photo was taken at Joe Biden's inauguration – Sanders is wearing a face mask and signature gloves in the photo. Instead of Sander's head, Princess Kate has a token with gloves.

Rock star in the royal family

No, Kate did not adopt a new style and simply joined the ranks of rock musicians. Instead, music legend Ozzy Osbourne became the star of the royal family circuit.

What belongs to whom?

How many children do William and Kate have now? If you add up all the arms and legs in this fake photo, you're guaranteed to get the number right.

Queens among themselves

Attention: Risk of confusion: In traditional royal fashion, the Queen gathers her children around her. Kate just looks a little different in this version.

Hollywood meets English nobility

STAR LINEUP INSTEAD OF CHILDREN'S PHOTO: This is what it would look like if Taylor Swift, Rowan Atkinson and Robert Downey Jr. announced themselves in England.

Photoshop Prince William

This is how it all started: Prince William desperately realizes that his Photoshop skills have reached their limits. Is he responsible for the messy pictures?

Offspring of animals in the royal family

Dozens of four-legged friends are lost in this photo. In this way, it was certainly possible to hide the dilemma surrounding the modified arm.

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