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Robben's “Goodbye Germany” is happening a lot with Mallorca's expats these days

Robben's “Goodbye Germany” is happening a lot with Mallorca's expats these days

USA Tour and Film Premiere: Lots going on these days with “Goodbye Germany” Mallorcan expatriate Robbins.Robbins

Caro and Andreas Robbins are in trouble after trying to break into the TV immigrants' house a few days ago Continue intensively: Bodybuilders want to go next weekend Premiere of Andreas Robbins starrer, Fly to America. But now Verdi has chosen Union Lufthansa, the airline that Robbins wants to fly on. Strikes from Wednesday (March 6) to Saturday morning (March 9). declared.

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Affected by strikes?

“We have yesterday New planes I've booked a flight from here to Frankfurt,” Caro Robbins told MZ on Tuesday (March 5). The couple will indeed be with Lufthansa. Flew to Germany and Sunday (March 10) from there with the same airline to America. “The strike should continue till 7 am on Saturday Flew at 4 p.mBut it was too hot for us.” The bodybuilders are now confident that the flight to America on Sunday (March 10) will go ahead as planned. No need to book alternate flights.

“What haven't you done for America?” Both make fun of MZ. “They're doing everything. I'm really looking forward to the premiere there. It's going to be a big deal. 200 people from film, radio and television have already agreed, including producers and companies that have to buy the film,” explains Andreas Robbens. He was like that Sadness, He could not sleep at night. “Brood 1976” premieres on March 13.

Andreas Robbins is one of them supporting role Received, it's an homage to the '70s horror classic ““The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. Robbins had already played an additional role in the previous film “Garden of Eden”. The filming of “Garden of Eden” took place during Robbins' previous visit to America. Robbins convinced the production team.

There is hope that the second part of the film will come

“The film is promising become a large number. I hope there is one Second part “So I can act again,” said Andreas Robbins. His acting career is the biggest thing for him right now. This time, the Robbins are only in America for eight days. “We don't have time yet,” said Caro. Barbeque with film director Marcel Walls. The Robbins want to see some friends.

Some facts about Robbins

Caro Robbins has been in Mallorca since March 2003 and Andreas Robbins since March 2010. They both met in 2010. The Vox camera crew goes with Robbins Since 2015. In 2011 they opened their first “iron gym” in Arenal gym, Still open. Their Iron Diner in Arenal, most recently operated by the owners of Robbins, now has a new tenant. From the beginning of January 2024, the two appeared in a special episode of “Goodbye Deutschland” about their trip to America, which could only be seen on RTL+.