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Amazon workers are on the brink of historic recognition in the UK

Amazon workers are on the brink of historic recognition in the UK

In a significant development for industrial relations in the UK, Amazon could be legally forced to formally recognize a British union for the first time. The recognition could follow concerted action by the GMB union, which has formally called for recognition.

The development follows a year of massive worker mobilization at Amazon's factory in Coventry, which has increased union membership. Despite Amazon's long-running campaign, the GMB believes it has crossed the legal threshold for accreditation. TheTrade unions should be suppressed Trade union arrangement.

Amazon should engage with the GMB on important issues such as union recognition, pay, worker safety and working conditions. Amanda Gearing, senior organizer of the GMB, expressed the union's position: “Amazon has used legal gymnastics to crush union recognition efforts. But instead of being attacked, Amazon workers in Coventry have defeated their colleagues in numbers accepted into the union.”

Additionally, the push for unionization at Amazon UK is part of a wider global movement. In November, the GMB joined international unions in organizing strikes and protests on Black Friday under the slogan “Make Amazon Pay”. Co-organized by the UNI Global Union, this global campaign highlights the widespread demand for better working conditions and fairer treatment for Amazon workers worldwide.

“Coventry could be a turning point,” said Mathias Bolton, head of trade at UNI Global Union. “The collective strength of workers and their commitment to fair treatment and working conditions is commendable. We stand in solidarity with GMB and the brave workers in Coventry who are making waves around the world.”



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