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Rita Ora and Novak Djokovic attend the rugby final

Rita Ora and Novak Djokovic attend the rugby final

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Rita Ora and Novak Djokovic appear together, sending their fans crazy

South Africa on Saturday won the Rugby World Cup in France. Rita Ora and Novak Djokovic, among other stars, were in attendance and watched the final together.


Superstar Rita Ora and world number one tennis player Novak Djokovic in the Rugby World Cup final in Paris.

TikTok/Rugby World Cup

  • The Rugby World Cup final was played on Saturday at the Stade de France.

  • There were many celebrities in attendance, such as Roger Federer and Jason Momoa.

  • World number one tennis player Novak Djokovic and singer Rita Ora were also excited on court.

  • The two watched the final together. On social media, fans reacted angrily to their appearance.

The Springboks from South Africa won the Rugby World Cup final in Paris against the All Blacks from New Zealand in a time of 12:11. There were many other celebrities in attendance such as Roger Federer (42 years old) and actor Jason Momoa (44 years old). As well as British Kosovar singer Rita Ora and Serbian tennis star Novak Djokovic – next to each other.

Videos and photos show the two having a friendly conversation. When the camera panned to her, the ATP World No. 1 player reacted with complete surprise. The scene quickly spread on social media. Many tennis fans and followers of the singer are angry about the ongoing conflict between Serbia and Kosovo. Many people do not understand how Ora, as Kosovo’s honorary ambassador, can watch a rugby final with Djokovic, a known Serbian nationalist.

Fans are upset with Rita Ora and Novak Djokovic

“You’re sitting with Rita Ora? Novak, you broke the heart of every Serb” and “Shame on you Rita Ora” are just two of the angry voices on X (formerly Twitter) expressing criticism from many. But in addition to the lack of understanding by many users, the two stars also received a lot of Support from the community for their joint appearance. One user wrote: “This is exactly how you can achieve peace between Serbs and Albanians.” Many people take the scene with humor: “A Serbian and Albanian woman talking. “This is the multiverse,” says another fan.

Only at the end of August did Rita Ora anger many of her followers. Because she waved the Serbian flag during a concert – By mistake, as it turned out later. The singer and tennis player have not yet commented on their joint visit to the rugby final in Paris.

Here Rita Ora waves the Serbian flag – by mistake, according to her own statements.

Tik Tok

Today, Kosovo, which has been independent since 2008, is populated almost exclusively by Albanians. Until 1999, the country belonged to Serbia, which oppressed the Albanian population. Ora Rita Sahatsiu was born in 1990 in the capital of Kosovo, Pristina. Her family immigrated with her to Great Britain shortly after her birth. There are always tense situations between the states of Serbia and Kosovo.

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