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Regional Football League: Sixth in center of attention

Regional Football League: Sixth in center of attention

Buddy Derby in Wesetal – Series winners meeting in Volkmarsen – Does FSG also bother with ‘Hö/Mei’?

Three coaches, three emotional worlds: Mathias Seibert (left) should make up for 1:12 with SG Edertal. Björn Emde middle) as a spectator at Eppe / Nieder-Schleidern because of the red card. But his worries are less: Marvin Brosman (FSG Buchenberg, right) could smile more again.

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Korbach – five more times, then the first half of the season is over: the scramble for positions and the maximum number of points captured at the weekend continues in the first division of the region, which this time comes without injury.

You search for the top match in vain, and it usually says: Top 6 favourites against a team from the bottom half of the table. If you look at the curve of the figure, the clash between the VfR Volkmarsen and the Eintracht Edertal is more. FSG Buchenberg/Ederbringhausen tries to upset first runner SG Höringhausen/Meineringhausen. The match takes place on Saturday.

Höring- / Meineringhausen – Buchenberg / Ederbringhausen. Even if not all points are counted later in the relegation round: it’s always good for FSG’s self-confidence. Brussmann-Elf have lost only once in their last five games, and the cup winners were warned after the 1-1 draw against TSV Korbach at the latest. “A team that has a lot of potential for injury,” Hö/Mei coach Martin Wagner told the guests. FSG has recovered on this point, he rightly says.

The table captain, who challenged Willingen in the District Cup on Wednesday, must change his stance, and Wagner knows this too: “The big task for us after this big game is to bring consistency on the field.”

Berndorf – Bad Arolsen. TSV has won only one of its last eight matches. That’s not the only reason Arolens is likely to have a triple set. However, those responsible for Berndorfer are not satisfied. Coach Rüdiger Amstutz loved the passion and will.

He won’t be alone as of November 1 – Jürgen Ehlifeld will then be back in the training bench. On the other hand, spectators supporting TSV will not see young Felix Amstutz again this year due to his injury. Matthias Westmeyer will end his entire career due to a serious injury.

TSV / FC Korbach – Oseln. With Korbach’s squad, it’s clear what coach Uwe Tenbusch will say in the booth: If we want to finish the first half of the season, mistakes like the ones against Buchenberg/Ederbringhausen shouldn’t happen anymore.

TuS has nothing to lose, as the question arises after the important home win against SG Eppe: save energy or tackle TSV/FC? The game takes place in Nieder-Ense.

Wesetal – Bad Wildungen / Friedrichstein 2. After the derby before the derby is the name of Wesetalern. Their coaches Daniel Doering and Christian Schwalm are looking forward to meeting their former teammate Carsten Lohn alongside Weldung. “It’s going to be very difficult, especially since the teams know each other so well,” Schwalm says. “But we can finish sixth on our own, and we want to show that too.”

SG Edertal – Willingen II. 1:12 in Adorf – Edertaler feels wrongly suspected that he has given up on the match. “I counted a point, especially since we were in the best lineup and didn’t lose twice,” explains Matthias Seibert, PSG coach. “But unfortunately nothing worked from the first second.” Seibert himself had to leave the field early due to injuries and it is not yet known if that will be possible again by Sunday. What he knows: “Against Willingen II, damages are being claimed again. Things have been going really well at home lately. If we score a goal, let’s stay on the safe bank.”

The other bank, i.e. sixth place, can still reach heights – if they don’t stumble against opponents like Edertal.

Adorf / Vasbeck – blue-yellow Korbach. The Diemelsee pillow is not so big that it can take fault. But how much resistance will yellow-blue hold? The penultimate won’t want to endure a double-digit bankruptcy like the competition lately.

SG coach Christian Willek also wants to use this game to improve the details. “We can do much better,” he says. One claim: Playing dominantly over the opponent, to impose your own game on him. On paper, everything indicates that the Secretary-General will succeed. Especially since Kai Closer is now back too.

Volkmarsen – Eintracht Edertal. VfR has lost only once in their last 11 matches, the last time Eintracht lost to Wesetal for the first time after six wins at Folgre. In this regard, two teams meet at their best, although Volkmarser does not consider himself a candidate. “We always had tough times against Eintracht Edirtal, even in the group times in the league,” says coach Matthias Wiegand, who doubts the opponent is still staring at sixth. His team wants to take the next important step toward “securing the top six,” says Wigan, who is missing Michael Jacobi, Turpin Toroski and Stephen Schroeder (all vacations).

They both have a game behind them that’s hard to fathom. against 13 goals TuSpo Mengeringhausen II in Sachsenhausen. Only 0:2 lost SG Eppe / Nieder-Schleidern in Usseln. But this had the same effect. The Björn Emde team faces a challenge today and Sunday

“If you lose like that, it will be really bitter,” says Björn Emde, reviewing the 2-0 draw that resulted in a penalty the referee had to repeat twice. Controversial. Even Usselner players and spectators said they actually didn’t want to win like that, says Emde, who is not allowed to train at the moment. Like Lars Dohle, who has already been replaced, he agreed to the “red” comment.

The ban on crows weighs heavily, because public security drags a number of sick representatives anyway. Then also the double task on Friday in the derby in SG Lelbach / Rhena And on Sunday at home against those vying for the top six SV Freienhagen / Sachsenhausen. “Maybe there will be a reaction from the challenge,” Emde hopes.

Also meets Lellbach / Rina Mengeringhausen II. “We are still licking the wounds of the Sachsenhausen disaster,” says supervisor Thomas Mertens. Four new infections do the rest. “The opponent is full of energy and therefore he will be able to compensate for Friday’s match well,” Mertens said. “Our goal is a respectable result.”