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2 Bundesliga.  SC Paderborn and Jahn Regenburg miss out on first

2 Bundesliga. SC Paderborn and Jahn Regenburg miss out on first

PADERBOURN – SC Paderborn and Jahn Regensburg took points away from each other in the chase duel in the second Bundesliga and thus missed the jump to the top of the table. In Paderborn, the positive surprise teams of the season so far spaced 1:1 (0:1).

Charalambos Makridis (second) shocked the host from Ostwestfalen with his early goal, but the former Bundesliga club secured a draw via substitute Kai Pröger (71). Regensburg tied on points (19) with leaders FC St. Pauli, and Hamburg will play at 1. FC Heidenheim on Saturday (1.30 pm). Paderborn is located behind one point.

Starker Meyer has no chance at Progers Schlenzer

SCP started nervously in front of 7,913 spectators. After losing the ball well in the Regensburg half, the visitors came in front of the SCP goal without any noticeable resistance and success after a good 100 seconds. In the 10th minute, Ruben Yalcin called on Andreas Albers to make it 0-2 with a bad back pass, but Jan striker moved from an acute angle.

Led by top scorer Sven Michel, Paderborn later appeared and became overweight until the end of the first half. Alexander Mayer in Jan Tour became the best player in his team. But he didn’t stand a chance of Pröger’s emotional flick from a good 20 metres.

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