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Recall Triumph Trident 660 and Tiger Sport 660 (2023)

Recall Triumph Trident 660 and Tiger Sport 660 (2023)

Triumph has had to recall 7,541 Trident 660 and Tiger Sport 660 models in the United States. There will also be a recall for this matter in Germany. The reason for this is that the bend in the MAP (Manifold Air Pressure) sensor hose can become clogged, which inevitably leads to incorrect air pressure readings from the MAP sensor.

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Increased risk of accidents due to engine stalling

Result: The electronic control unit (ECU) adjusts the air-to-fuel ratio based on inaccurate data, causing the engine to stall. This, in turn, increases the risk of accidents. In Germany, this does not automatically mean that the manufacturer has to recall potentially affected products. In the United States, laws are more consumer-friendly in this regard. But as Triumph Germany has informed us, it is also possible that affected customers will be contacted in Germany in September 2023.

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Production periods 2021 to 2023

The 2022-2024 models are called, specifically: Trimph Trident 660 produced between January 6, 2021 and 27 July 2023 (SMTL10UL5NTAE99988-SMTL10UL8RTB8186) and Tiger Sport 660 produced between August 3, 2021 and August 4, 2023 (SMTL20UL6NTAV52 35 – sm). TL20UL2RTBP8617).

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Recall in Germany follows

Dealers will replace the hose on recalled models for free. Notice letters to owners are expected to be mailed August 31, 2023 in the United States. It is very likely that the problem will also affect Triumph models in Europe. We have already made our inquiry as to whether and when owners in Germany will be informed through Triumph Germany. The recall is also in its infancy for Germany, and the relevant owners will be contacted in September.

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