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Reaction to slot cancellation: USA slows down KLM traffic to help Jetblue

Reaction to slot cancellation: USA slows down KLM traffic to help Jetblue

Jetblue will not have any slots in Amsterdam next summer. Washington is reacting to this and creating new bureaucratic obstacles for KLM on US flights.

The relationship between the Netherlands and Jetblue was turbulent from the beginning. When the American airline announced its desire to fly to Amsterdam and applied for time slots there – that is, time slots for take-off and landing – the first thing that came from Europe was rejection. After intervention at the government level, some funds were allocated to the airline. But Jetblue criticized the slots as unattractive.

Jetblue has been flying daily from JFK in New York since the end of August and from Boston to Amsterdam since September — and in good times. However, the game repeats itself. Because the airline has not secured any places for Amsterdam next summer. 23 other airlines without historical rights also left empty-handed. Previous providers were therefore taken into account.

End ratio: New York ban on KLM

The refusal is justified by the capacity reduction imposed by the Dutch government at Amsterdam Airport. It wants to reduce noise and emissions. Schiphol Airport must reduce the number of flights from 500,000 annually to 460,000.

But Jetblue does not accept the decision. “We believe the US and Dutch governments are obligated under our historic Open Skies Agreement to ensure Jetblue’s continued access to Amsterdam,” a company spokesperson said. Therefore, the airline, in cooperation with the airline association A4A, called on the US Department of Transportation to take countermeasures as a precaution.

Actions against Dutch airlines

One option is a New York ban on KLM. Washington does not want to go that far as a first step. However, the Ministry of Transport is taking action against Dutch airlines – in particular against KLM and its cargo sister company Martinair. From now on, their travel plans to the USA for the summer of 2024 must be pre-approved, as the portal first. baxx aero mentioned. This is a bureaucratic hurdle.

The reason given is that the approach taken to reduce capacity in Amsterdam is “unjustified and inappropriate activities” under the Code of Fair Competitive Practices for International Air Transport. This approach also violates the Air Transport Agreement between the European Union and the United States of America.