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Rammstein frantically celebrated in Berlin

Rammstein frantically celebrated in Berlin

After sporadic protests ahead of the concert, fans of Berlin’s Rammstein club enthusiastically celebrated their first of their three home matches on Saturday night in the German capital. “We’re home again! Thank you, Berlin!” Singer Till Lindemann, who has faced allegations about his dealings with women, said at the end of the two-hour show.

Prior to the ceremony, there were protests about the allegations against Lindemann. According to the police, about 300 people demanded a ban on events in front of the Olympic Stadium. Previously, the demonstrators went to the stadium in a demonstration.

People protest before the Rammstein concert in Berlin, July 15, 2023. Photo: Cornerstone

As it is Saturday, more than 60,000 people are expected to attend the concerts on Sunday and Tuesday for performances that feature powerful sounds and pyrotechnics.

Women make claims

Several women have made allegations against Lindemann, some of them anonymous. They describe situations they find frightening. The sexual acts reportedly took place at after-show parties.

Lindemann dismisses the allegations against him. His lawyers point to allegations on social networks that women at parties were “drugged with knockout drops or alcohol to enable our client to perform sexual acts against them. All of these allegations are untrue.”

epa10748229 People protest in front of the Olympia stadium ahead of a scheduled concert by German rock band Rammstein in Berlin, Germany, July 15, 2023. Protesters are calling for the cancellation of ...

The demonstrators demanded that the concerts be cancelled.Photo: Cornerstone

The Public Prosecutor’s Office initiates the investigation

The Berlin Public Prosecutor’s Office has initiated preliminary proceedings against Lindemann. If a crime is suspected, they must investigate. Media reports can also be the trigger. The presumption of innocence is valid until the end of the investigation.

Live in Berlin are frontman Lindemann (60), guitarists Richard Crosby (56) and Paul Landers (58), bassist Oliver Riddell (52), keyboardist Christoph “Flick” Lorenz (56) and drummer Christoph Schneider (57). The six musicians got together here in 1994 and have since evolved into Germany’s most internationally successful band with their gritty sound. (cst / sda / apa / dpa)

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