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Andreas Ellermann wants all the gifts back from Patricia Blanco

Andreas Ellermann wants all the gifts back from Patricia Blanco

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Andreas Ellermann is serious! The millionaire demands to return the gifts his ex, Patricia Blanco, gave him over the course of the relationship.

Hamburg – Andreas Ellermann (58) and Patricia Blanco (52) don’t currently have good hair together. While the daughter of success icon Roberto Blanco, 86, is said to have recently holed up in the servants’ wing of the millionaire’s villa so she won’t be put out on the street by him, Hamburger is now pulling out all the stops to eliminate his ex-wife. -wife. In a new story on her official Instagram account, Patricia reports on what Andreas is asking her to do during the breakup.

Ellermann showered Patricia Blanco with gifts during the affair

The artist’s former generosity seems to have ended abruptly. In happier times, Andreas Ellermann was happy to invest a lot in his loved ones: videos on social media recorded how he presented Patricia with a used Porsche. Ellermann also gave his fiancée at the time a Rolex watch and many other luxury items without hesitation. Now, however, he surprisingly demands those gifts back, Blanco claims.

Patricia Blanco posted an older clip on Instagram showing Andreas Ellermann surprising her with a Porsche. The reality star finds it hypocritical that he now wants the car back and at the same time criticizes her for wanting to keep the car. After all, he gave her a Porsche of his own volition and stressed in the video that he “loves to make the present.”

Patricia Blanco sees herself as the “greedy rag” that the media portrays

“I’ve been accused of ordering things like a Rolex or a Porsche. I mean it [Video über den geschenkten Porsche] It’s just a little anecdote of what happened in the relationship with gifts. And Patricia Blanco defends herself on social media now or the media portrays me as a greedy rag.”

Patricia Blanco speaks.  Andreas Ellermann and Patricia Blanco stand by
During their relationship, Andreas Ellermann showered Patricia Blanco with gifts. After the breakup, the millionaire now wants them back – much to the TV fame’s annoyance. © Instagram / patriciablancoofficial & IMAGO / Eventpress

In another story, she hints at why the breakup is currently escalating. The photo reads: “You solve problems by talking to each other, not by stopping to talk to each other.” Even during their relationship, TV awareness wasn’t that easy. Andreas Ellermann’s family couldn’t stand Patricia Blanco. Sources used: Instagram/patriciablancoofficial