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Quick kisses to Kelce — and the web can already hear the wedding bells

Quick kisses to Kelce — and the web can already hear the wedding bells

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October 24, 2023, 6:03 pmOctober 24, 2023, 6:57 pm

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Taylor Swift is and will continue to be the dominant topic in the NFL. Whenever she appears at Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce’s game, the singer immediately gets all the attention. Every little detail of their performance is then analyzed and can generate hype.

As Taylor was once again sitting in the stands at the game against the Los Angeles Chargers last weekend, her fans noticed a romantic detail: The singer wore a friendship bracelet with Travis’ number on it. Swifties, who have criticized the singer’s relationships in the past, were blown away.

After there were repeated reports in recent weeks that the pop star and sports star were slowly building their relationship, the two are now getting serious. In a new photo, Taylor and Travis are more familiar than ever — and fans are going crazy.

Taylor Swift: An intimate moment after the football match

During her appearance on Sunday, Taylor seemed to want to show one thing above all else — in addition to her support for Travis: that she also gets along well with the other players’ partners. Recently, a photo of her cheering for the team with Brittany Mahomes, Patrick Mahomes’ wife, sparked a lot of reactions on social media.

A new photo of Taylor and Travis shows something completely different. Sharia Gordon, a friend of Travis’ teammate Mecole Hardman, shared several snaps on her Instagram account on Monday. She and Taylor can be seen together in the photos, but that may not be the reason why her post has already amassed 78,000 likes in less than 14 hours (more than double the number of her most successful posts to date).

Because in one of the photos in Chariah’s post, Travis and Taylor can also be seen next to her and Micol. The four pose for a photo together and Taylor gives the football star a kiss on the cheek. It’s the first official photo of them making out passionately and should once and for all end all speculation about how serious they are for each other.

Swifties dream wedding

The photo, which Sharia simply captioned with a white heart, is generating a lot of excitement among Swifties. “Oh, Taylor is in love. I exploded. She’s completely smitten. “Travis too,” one comment reads. Even the fan is convinced:

“I see a ring and a wedding.”

Many followers jokingly noted that Chariya caused the internet to melt down with her post. On X (formerly Twitter), fans were completely mesmerized by the couple’s latest photo. “It’s nice to finally see her happy,” the person says happily.

The vast majority of reactions to the post are very positive. Many fans are thanking Sharia for sharing this moment between Taylor and Travis with them. “You are doing God’s work,” comments one enthusiastic user.

The reactions prove: Fans are happy because Taylor is clearly happy and wants to say it publicly this time. So it is very likely that there will be more photos of them in intimate moments in the future.

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