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Queen Elizabeth II smiles, Great Britain sighs with relief

Queen Elizabeth II smiles, Great Britain sighs with relief

Queen Elizabeth II comes to the Calab Through History show. imago / i Images

She comes back, smiles, and the whole country sighs with relief. Queen Elizabeth II He appeared in public again on Sunday evening and was apparently in excellent spirits and in good condition. The king attended the first major event to mark his 70th jubilee. The 96-year-old went into the royal coffin using a cane to attend A Gallop Thru History in Windsor on Sunday night. Those who are – movie stars among them Tom Cruise And Helen Mirran – stood up and clapped.

Recently, the Queen has struggled with health issues several times, was rarely seen in public, and meetings had to be canceled altogether. Missing from the celebration just early last week Opening of Parliament And let it go Crown Prince Charles Representation. The Queen did not attend the Queen’s speech for the third time in her 70 – year reign. This raised concerns about the Regent of British and Monarchy fans around the world.

Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne for 70 years

Then Elizabeth II’s one hour visit to the famous horse show in Windsor last Friday gave a sigh of relief to the kingdom. On Sunday, the King smiled again on the red carpet at the Royal Windsor Horse Show not far from his palace.

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About 500 horses and 1300 artists participated in the “A Run through History” program. This is the first major event as part of the Throne Festival, which is celebrated with military parades and all the luxuries in early June.