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PS Plus Extra/Premium lost 10 games in April, including a really good anime title

PS Plus Extra/Premium lost 10 games in April, including a really good anime title

Ten games that are no longer in PS Plus Premium and Extra Library.

In April, some games from the PS Plus Extra and Premium catalog will be released from Sony’s subscription again. There are ten surnames in Europe. This is especially unfortunate for fans of the anime, because no truly well-rated game will be included in the service in the future.

These are all the games leaving PS Plus in April (via

The first three titles on the list will be removed from the service in Europe only.

When exactly will the games leave the service? This is not known yet. However, you don’t have much time left if you still want to play the titles, because they were often removed around the 15th day. If you have already downloaded and installed the games, then there is no point in this. You will still not be able to gamble with it after its removal.

The recommended anime title is Steins; Gate Elite. The game got a meta score of 86 on PS4.

If you want to catch up on the address now, it’s tight, because it’s open Listed as a 26-hour runtime for the main story alone. If you want to do more than that, you can add a few more hours.

You can watch a trailer for the story here:

Stein's Gate Elite - Story Trailer


Stein’s Gate Elite – Story Trailer

The special thing about this title: In addition to the typical images and text, the visual novel also contains scenes from the anime on which the title is based. Among other things, Metacritic praises the fact that the game offers several very different endings and that it works as an adaptation and for newcomers.

The story is about a group of young people who use a manipulated microwave to send messages back in time, altering them and triggering unexpected events.

Do you want to play a game before you leave and do you already know Steins; Gate Elite?