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Unreal Engine 5 announces survival adventures

Unreal Engine 5 announces survival adventures

With “ARK: Survival Ascended”, a remake of the popular adventure “ARK: Survival Evolved” is being developed, which will be released next summer.

Studio Wildcard has released a remaster of ARK: Survival Evolved announce. ARK: Survival Ascended is scheduled for release on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC in August 2023 and will revive the adventure with Unreal Engine 5. However, in doing so, the servers of the original version will be shut down.

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The base game for ARK: Survival Ascended is also said to come with The Island, Survival of the Fittest, and all non-church maps. The latter should be started gradually. For PlayStation 5, the new version will be available for € 39.99, while Xbox Series X / S and PC players will have to resort to the “ARK Respawned Bundle” (€ 49.99) which includes “ARK: Survival Ascended” in addition to “ARK II”. After a year, both games will also be available individually on these platforms.

It was also revealed that the expansions are sold individually. The Explorer Pass (€19.99) entitles you to Scorched Earth, Aberration (Q4 2023) and Extinction (Q1 2024), while the Genesis Pass (€19.99) entitles you to both Genesis Part 1 (Q1 2024). ) and Genesis Part Two (Q2 2024).

But let’s get to the improvements and additions that ARK: Survival Ascended will have. The developers promise an overhaul of Unreal Engine 5, which will also include Nanite, Lumen and RTXDI features. Dynamic water, interactive foliage, an original physics engine, a woven network of servers and instant rendering make this the definitive version of a survival adventure.

Moreover, it mods multi-platform and cross-platform. You can get more information about the new version if you are interested on the official website explore. By the way, Studio Wildcard has delayed the release of “ARK II”, which will be released for Xbox Series X / S and PC, until next year. So you still have to be patient if you are looking forward to the sequel.

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