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Production answers questions about season 3 for the first time – ‘more brutal than ever’

Production answers questions about season 3 for the first time – ‘more brutal than ever’

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Fans are eagerly awaiting the first episodes of Season 3 of 7 vs. Wild. Until then, the production is still answering fans’ burning questions.

Hamburg – Filming for the third season of the series 7 vs. Wild. Now it’s up to the editing team to compile all the video material into exciting episodes. However, it will likely be a while before fans get to see the first episodes. The team behind 7 vs. Wild already says the wait will be worth it and is answering viewer questions in the meantime.

Title 7 against wild teams
production Fritz Meinecke
participant 14
Type Survival challenge, bushcraft, wilderness
appearance YouTube web series

7 vs. Wild: Production answers questions about the show – ‘More brutal than anything before’

Questions about the offer: Although the first episodes of the third season of 7 vs. Wild is not yet available online, but fans already have many questions about the show. The production editorial team has now answered some of these questions on Instagram. According to the team, fans can also expect a lot, as it should provide more material than previous seasons. Here are all the questions and answers.

  • How many episodes are 100 percent finished? According to the production team, none of the episodes are ready yet. However, all content up to Episode IX had to be edited together. The only thing missing is fine tuning like all the transitions, intros and outros.
  • How exciting will the season be? According to the team, fans have a lot to offer because of the season “More exciting, more entertaining, more emotional and more brutal than anything else.” Become.
  • How does the production find interesting content? For production, the team carefully examined all files and created their own diaries. Apparently even”Everything is viewable” is. Last season, there was repeated criticism that some episodes were too boring. According to the team, this danger does not exist in the third season of 7 vs. the Wild.
  • How much cutting material is there? The team answers the question with a screenshot showing 3.23TB of files. With such a huge amount of data, it is clear that the team has to work through many hours of video material. For example, you could achieve a similar amount of data if you downloaded Warzone to the hard drive about 30 times.
  • How many episodes are there? There will be a similar number of episodes as in the second season. This means that viewers can look forward to 16 episodes of the survival show.

When will it start? However, there is one question that might interest all fans, which is when will the first episode of Season 3 of 7 vs. Wild? There’s no official release information yet, but Joey Kelly has already revealed 7 vs. Wild on breakfast TV. If we believe the poster, it is possible that the first episode will be shown on October 30, but with a surprise.

7 vs. Wild: Production Debut Reports on Season 3 – Answers Questions About the Show © 7 vs. Wild/Imago (montage)

Episodes will stream first on Amazon Freevee and then on YouTube, and according to Joey Kelly, this will be delayed by four weeks. But this is no reason to panic. Because Team 7 vs. Wild has yet to confirm any of these statements.