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Carpool karaoke – Tension spreads in Basel as he sings with three fans – News

Carpool karaoke – Tension spreads in Basel as he sings with three fans – News

A gray SUV drives through the streets, with a 46-year-old man behind the wheel and three women driving. French rap sounds loudly from the speaker system and the four people sing the lyrics at the top of their lungs, which everyone knows by heart. “Louder!” The driver shouts and everyone repeats the English phrase: “I would like to die, I would rather die than bear this pain forever!” This exact scene happened recently in Basel and one of the artists was driving the car himself.

The MTV Unplugged album is a great honor

Although the Stress rapper has celebrated several other musical successes in the meantime: “Elle” with Noah Veraguth from 2011 is one of his biggest hits and thus his MTV Unplugged album as well. The opportunity to record an MTV Unplugged album is a great honor for the rapper.

Following Ochsner’s patent, Streis is the second Swiss artist to receive this award. The album, featuring 22 songs from twenty years of tension, will be released on November 10.

More trips planned

To promote this, the rapper uses a television format that has become world-famous in the USA: Carpool Karaoke. In the original version, British show director James Corden drives a car with musicians, sings their songs with them and extracts a secret or two from them.

Just like in the original, it’s not just singing in the car. Andris Andriksson, real name Stris, also tells his passengers about the exciting moments in his career. Before the album’s release, Stress wants to visit at least two more cities with his karaoke SUV: Zurich and his hometown of Lausanne are on the plan.