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Princess Charlene of Monaco shocked by a new skinny video!

Princess Charlene of Monaco shocked by a new skinny video!

Hard to recognize! The hardships of the past few months are clearly affecting Princess Charlene of Monaco.

The basics in brief

  • Princess Charlene must stay in South Africa until October.
  • It is assumed that the reason for this is sinusitis.
  • In a new video, she is shocked with a gaunt face.

Not an easy time for Princess Charlene of Monaco (43)!

For weeks she has been taking care of him Prince Albert’s wife (63) for titles. Because Charlene has been stuck in South Africa due to health issues since March – she has separated from her husband and children. It seems that the difficulties are twofold Mother It does not pass without a trace.

Because: In a shocking new video for the Daily Mail, Charlene is hard to recognize! The princess talks to the camera with dark circles under her eyes and a slender face.

In the video, the former professional swimmer provides information on her current health. “It’s very frustrating,” Charlene says. Because she has sinusitis, she is currently unable to travel home. Until the end of October The Princess of Monaco explains that she may have to stay in South Africa.

The longer the absence, the more rumors swirled about a crisis in a relationship with Prince Albert. Even claimed one The beginning of a British newspaper Only a few days ago the princess should not get sick at all. Her ears problem is just a “bad excuse”.

Do you think Princess Charlene wants to escape from her married life?

Either way: The whole thing seems to bother Charlene. It remains to be seen whether her husband Albert and her husband twins Jack and Gabriella (both 6) will visit you again.

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