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Surprising words about Danny Buchner

Surprising words about Danny Buchner

Did Insto Monti, 46, and Danny Buechner, 43, have a good relationship this time around? Now the pop singer surprises with unusually kind words about his ex-wife and defends her even from bad rumors.

Danny Buchner and Insto Monti: ‘No Mud Fighting’ after the breakup

It actually looks like Danny Buchner and Insto Monti are dating After their renewed separation Stay calm. A few weeks ago, the on-and-off couple decided to end their relationship for good End Add. Fans already expected one after this announcement public criticism yet another. And who can blame them? After all, Danni and Ennesto moved on for the last time almost continuously on top of each other.

The most surprising thing now is that they both decided to draw a line Without a lot of drama to withdraw. Danny even promised via Instagram shortly after the breakup:

will be here No mud fight Give me. Out of respect for my children and family.

And it’s not just the 43-year-old who wants to handle the breakup differently this time around. As Ennesto expresses himself now Positive about his ex-wife And even defending them.

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Inieste Monti defends Danny Buechner

Reality TV filter share his private life Gladly on social media with his fans. Ennesto does not leave his relationships either. He especially proved it after his first breakup with Danny Buechner, after which he worked countless times on the internet About the “Goodbye Germany” immigrant. The 46-year-old also comments on the recent relationship. But this time he is unusually retracted by heavy blows on his ex-wife. On the contrary – is to defend it of potential hate attacks on the Internet.

On his Instagram story, Ennesto surprised his followers with a question-and-answer session. Of course, pop star fans always come back to him break up with danny To talk and make the former jungle chariot part hateful accusations. For example, the user asks Ennesto directly if Danni just been used When I decided to give the relationship a second chance. Then Ennesto defends his ex-wife and This claim is directly denied. “Love is not compulsion”, explains and confirms that Danny did not take advantage of him, nor vice versa.