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Prince Harry was 'inner nervous' at meeting William

Prince Harry was ‘inner nervous’ at meeting William

Prince Harry met his brother William yesterday for the first time since April. An expert reveals: Megan’s husband was not comfortable at all.

The basics in brief

  • Prince Harry met his brother William for the first time yesterday.
  • The Duke of Sussex always touched his wedding ring while doing so.
  • A body language expert now reveals what that means.

What a tension!

Yesterday afternoon, all eyes were on Prince Harry (36) and Prince William (39) output. Brothers revealed Diana statue together – He met again for the first time since April. A body language expert has now revealed: Harry’s nerves were bare!

According to Judy James should Duke of Sussex They struggled with a great “internal tension”. She reveals to The Sun: “Harry touched his hand on his wedding ring, in a sign of self-reassurance.”

This is something a dissident king does when he “feels under pressure or alone”. No wonder after all the scandalous interviews and discoveries of the red-haired mansion!

However: As the ceremony photos show, Prince Harry and William smiled. According to the expert, it was “a bit stressful.” all in all She explained her body language But towards a “deep bond” remains.

Will Harry and William reconcile?

The siblings may have agreed that there was no place for yesterday’s “Migst” drama. Jodi also praised her behaviour, saying, “They put their role as Diana’s children above theirs as brothers.”

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