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Colleague Ben Zucker talks about love rumors!

Colleague Ben Zucker talks about love rumors!

It was only recently that rumors surfaced that Ben Zucker and Beatrice Egli were a couple. Now the pop star is attached to it.

The basics in brief

  • So, Ben Zucker and Beatrice Egli aren’t the new dream couple in the successful world after all.
  • The singer commented on the rumors of love in an interview.

Recently, speculation began about the dream of a new couple in the skyGerman musician or instrumentalist Ben Zucker (37) and Beatrice Egli (33) of Schwyz are said to be falling in love. But what’s wrong with rumours?

In an interview with “Meine Schlagerwelt”, he said musician or instrumentalist Now the position. “We are great colleagues, I love them, when I see them I feel happy, but we are not together.” Pity!

the singer He didn’t even notice the whisper at first and then a friend taught him.

Yesterday a friend sent me an article that I was with Beatrice Egli. “The New Couple Who Dreams!” Just Beatrice and I don’t know anything about it,” he jokes.

Such rumors about love And the gossip press takes musician or instrumentalist With a sense of humor. “They make up nonsense.”

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