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Prince Harry: First meeting with William?  – “I apologize”

Prince Harry: First meeting with William? – “I apologize”

Media coverage of the relationship between Prince Harry And Prince William It is a constant topic. Sometimes people talk about their brotherhood, sometimes about silence or alleged attempts at reconciliation. Even with the recent happy news, their relationship remains the center of attention.

There's every reason to be happy: Brits the Royal family You have a wedding coming up! Because the 7th Duke of Westminster, Hugh Grosvenor, is getting married soon. Invited guests also include members of the Windsor family, including Prince Harry and Prince William. But experts express doubt that Harry will attend the celebration.

Prince Harry finds it 'embarrassing'

This suggests that Harry is likely to avoid celebrating, especially because of his brother William, which could be “embarrassing” for him. Royal expert Tom Quinn explained woman, that Prince William will attend the wedding because Hugh is Prince George's godfather. Harry, on the other hand, will have to travel alone. “[Harry] He knows he can't come without Megan, but… Megan “He was very adamant that he wouldn't be there,” Tom said.

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The fact that Harry and Meghan received an invitation at all may come as a surprise to some fans after it was initially reported that they were not invited. However, an informed source confirmed Page six, that the Sussexes were given a “Save the Date” card. “He called Hugh and said it would be very embarrassing if he and Meghan showed up. He apologized and Hugh understood,” Quinn says.

Despite ongoing tensions between William and Harry, there are reports that there are signs of change. In particular, Harry is said to be planning to use his trip to the UK to seek a reconciliation with William. “Harry will do everything he can during his trip to England to win back his brother William,” says an insider. woman Believe.