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'I always wanted to have a sister': Harry mourns his broken friendship with Kate

'I always wanted to have a sister': Harry mourns his broken friendship with Kate

Princess Kate is currently undergoing cancer treatment, and Harry is saddened by his close friendship with her – but still sends her his congratulations.

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Prince Harry once described Kate as “the sister he never had.” As one royal expert suspects, the loss of their friendship is hitting him hard.

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  • Prince Harry and Princess Catherine were close friends before the Sussexes moved to California.
  • One royal expert believes the loss of this friendship is weighing heavily on the prince: “He always wanted a sister.”
  • The author also says that it is up to Kate to restore the relationship.

The Princess of Wales appealed to Harry's “fun side” of him. British media described their relationship as “extremely strong” – although this was still the case when Harry was living in the house.

It appears that this close bond has now broken down, since Harry has moved to California with Meghan. The friendship between him and Kate “is now long in the past.”

Like royal writer Ingrid Seward too “the sun” “He always wanted to have a sister,” he says, perhaps thinking too much about losing his friendship with Kate.

After all, it was one of the closest friendships he'd ever had.

“Diana told me that.”

Seward claims that the younger prince begged his mother to give him a sister: “Diana told me so. He always wanted a sister.” Lady Di then tells him that she can't just “have” a girl.

One can only guess what the relationship with Kate is like right now. However, Harry and Meghan at least wished her “good health and a speedy recovery” when the 42-year-old announced her cancer diagnosis.

The statement read: “We wish Kate and the family good health and a speedy recovery. “We hope they can do so privately and peacefully.”

Return trip in May

It is still unclear when Harry will visit his family again. However, a date has been set at home: he will return in May to participate in the anniversary Invictus Games.

Seward also speculates that it will be up to Kate to resume the relationship. Harry has to protect his wife.

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