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Prince George doesn’t have to go to the army if he doesn’t want to

Prince George doesn’t have to go to the army if he doesn’t want to

A king who did not serve his country on the battlefield? This did not exist in Britain half a century ago. But now Prince George could officially break with that tradition, according to British media reports.

The 10-year-old son of William and Kate does not have to join the armed forces before he is crowned king. It is now clear that he is free to decide his own destiny.

According to the Daily Mail, a friend of Prince William was said to have commented on the future of the heir to the throne last Saturday: “Theoretically, nothing prevents George from pursuing a career as an astronaut, for example, if he really wants to. Then he can become king.”

His parents must be very happy with this future possibility for their son. It has often been reported that William and Kate want to raise their children as “normally” as possible.

It may also mean that they are free to choose their profession.

On the other hand, the late Queen Elizabeth campaigned for Prince William to do his military service. “My grandchildren took my shilling, so now they have to do their work.” Quoted in a documentary on ITV.

However, Prince William has never actually been deployed to Afghanistan. The risk was rated too high for the heir to the throne at the time. However, Prince Harry, his younger brother, was allowed to walk away. He would probably be considered the last battle royal at the moment.