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Muncingen – Nights in the Water movie

Muncingen – Nights in the Water movie

From Thursday to Sunday, Schlossgutplatz will be submerged in water. Film Nights Münsingen is showing four different films on the theme of water every evening this year. The general atmosphere must be suitable for the consenting.

For the 25th time, the Film Nights Münsingen association invites you to experience an open-air cinema. Each evening is designed to match the theme, from the performances to the food.

Speak a common language

Shortly after last year’s movie nights, OK sat down and chatted about a possible new topic. “It was so hot in the square that it would be great if we had water,” recalls Lea Künzli from OK of the Münsingen Film Nights. They also thought about what could do well on the field. The OC then collected possible films that would fit the theme for them. Kunzli explains that it is important for the films to be selected that are meaningful and speak a common language.

A feel-good Sunday movie

“We think about what movie goes with what day,” says Künzli. On Thursday it could be a demanding movie or something special, and on Friday it’s an easy movie, the OC member explains. On Saturday, a slightly better known film is usually shown and attracts a wide audience, while on Sunday a “good movie” is shown. “We’re constantly pushing movies back and forth because we look at them differently,” says Künzli.

Down to the last detail in the water

Anyone who visits the cinema every evening will be given four different menus. Fresh food is made daily and a menu specially designed for the movie is made. Screenings before films are selected according to the country in which the film was set, the film’s score or other context. As is the case every year, the ambiance and the entire arena design will also be tailored to the theme.

[i] Movie nights in Münzingen take place from Thursday 20th July to Sunday 23rd July at Schlossgutplatz in Münzingen. There are free tickets currently available.


Thursday: “G-Cubes” by Harald Reichenbach and “Ouistreham – Like in real life” (France 2021)

Friday: Olgas Bagach and “A Perfect Day” (Spain 2015)

Saturday: Zéphyr Combo and “L’Odyssey” (France 2016)

Sunday: Remo Zumstein and “Le Grand Dane – A Trough Full of Men” (France 2018)

Doors open and gourmet dining from 6:30pm, art shows from 7:30pm, and movie starts at 9:45pm. More information on the Film Nights website (including ticket sales).