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Premium Economy Class from Switzerland: Bucket seats, no curtain and short legs are better

Premium Economy Class from Switzerland: Bucket seats, no curtain and short legs are better

Swiss introduced premium economy class in an aircraft for the first time. The product is impressive. But if you have short legs, you have an advantage.

‘Best in class’, ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ – chock-full are the features with which officials in Switzerland introduced the new premium economy class on Thursday (February 24) for the first time on a plane. The product is actually impressive.

Notable features are the relatively large screens with a diameter of 39 cm and benches that move in a bowl. With the reclined seating position, passengers sitting at the back in line will not be disturbed.

Expansion is conceivable, but not easy

The feel of the space is very generous compared to the economy class. The short leg and footrest are somewhat less flattering. This reduces comfort, especially of a certain leg length. The new category has only 24 seats in three rows.

Evan Szabo, Director of the Distinguished Economy Entry Program, explains that there is potential Further expand the sitting classThe expansion is likely to come at the expense of the previous economy class. According to Sabo, the business class probably won’t be compromised. Switzerland hopes to offset the 20 per cent drop in business travel due to the coronavirus pandemic by 2024.

Abandon the curtains due to the sense of space

However, expanding the privileged economy will not be easy for Switzerland. If additional premium seats are installed, the configuration will have to be re-approved. Additionally, for engineering (and ultimately economic) reasons, rows of seats cannot simply be installed haphazardly, as this could lead to unused cabin space.

Unlike many other airlines, there is no separation between economy and premium economy class in Switzerland, like canopy. “With only three rows of seating, that would reduce the sense of space,” Szabo explains.

Airbus A340 in the second half of the year

The Boeing 777-300 ER with registration HB-JNH, for which the new product was introduced Thursday, will be used between Zurich and Miami starting in early March. At the end of May, all twelve Boeing 777 aircraft are supposed to be equipped with the new class. Five Airbus 340 aircraft will follow in the second half of the year.

Premium Economy had a long lead – the decision was made in 2018 due to delivery and certification issues But there were frequent delays.