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Keyless systems make it easier for car thieves

Few manufacturers respond

Keyless systems make it easier for car thieves

The German Automobile Club ADAC has been examining keyless start systems in new cars for years. Chairs: Car thieves can easily steal almost all of the 500 models now tested. Few manufacturers respond.

It’s every driver’s nightmare scenario: After shopping at the supermarket, we carry our bags towards the car. But wherever the car is parked, there is only an empty parking space. In disbelief, we search the rows – but there is no trace of scale. Have car thieves been hit?

Today it is especially easy for thieves to steal a car if it has a so-called Keyless-go system: the key only has to be carried in your pants pocket to open or close the doors and the luggage compartment – with this added convenience very few customers today without it.