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Pre-season: “I’m on your side now” – Odermatt jokes about Feuse’s future

Pre-season: “I’m on your side now” – Odermatt jokes about Feuse’s future

Before the start of the season

“I’m on your side now,” Odermatt jokes about Fuse’s future

Beat Feuz is SRF’s new expert. What does his former teammate Marco Odermatt say about this?


There will be no such picture anymore.

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  • Marco Odermatt is ready for the new season.

  • He also has an opinion about his friend Pete Views’ new role.

  • Audi also explains why he does not rely on a private team.

At the end of the month, the ski slopes around Marko Odermatt will be active again. The first giant slalom on the program is in Sölden. Naturally, two-time World Cup winner Marco Odermatt will also be starting.
For the first time, he has to complete a full ski season without his friend Pete Views. He resigned in January and will now comment on and evaluate events for the SRF. “Of course, at first we hoped he would be able to stay in the team, but now he is on your side,” Odermatt said with a smile. He adds: “No, of course that’s great. We’ll continue to see it on the road like this.”

Odermatt is full of energy – despite the many successes he has already achieved: the 26-year-old has no problem with motivation. Of course, the classic victories, namely Wengen and Kitzbühel, are a motivation for Odermatt – but not only, as he himself says: “You want to win every race. I ride for the emotions at the start and especially at the end. Experiencing something emotional with the team is what motivates me.

Team spirit despite being an individual athlete

The Swiss team is also a reason why it is not dependent on one team like many other top drivers. “I don’t like to be alone,” the 25-year-old explains of the decision. “I want to be with my friends, not just eating at the table with the coach and the service person.” This would make it much easier for him too.

But it is certain that it will not be easy for the Swiss this winter. “The party is very narrow. If someone takes a step forward physically or mentally in the summer, someone who used to be fifth could suddenly become second.” Odermatt also addresses his team members – will this also be the case in Sölden?

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